Submit your original music to Dust Devil Radio!

Upload your locally produced Las Vegas* music to


MUST BE: MP3 192kbps, 44.1Khz**
MUST INCLUDE the following statement:
(please Copy and Paste into your email to us)

We give full and unhindered license to Dust Devil Media (Dust Devil Media is to include Dust Devil Radio as well as other programs produced by Dust Devil Media) to play the music submitted in this email on any live broadcasts (including, but not limited to: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch) and further allow the use to extend to the recordings of said broadcasts which may also be used for Television broadcast when used in Dust Devil Media programing.

What is an ID3 tag?
It's the information usually found in the Details section of the Properties of a file. You might think that the file name would be enough information for us but it's not. We (and all radio) require the metadata information for the Song Title, Artist, Composer(s), year of recording, Album title and any other details you would like to provide, such as Genre. It's also nice to get a jpeg of any album art you have so that it can be dispalyed while your song is playing. You can download and install Mp3tag for a good ID3 Tag editor

*If you are not from Las Vegas please let us know where you are from in your submission.

**We know you record your music at a higher quality than we are asking but we've only got so much space on our hard drives.